50x Microsoft Windows 11 / Home / Pro Professional 11 COA License Sticker OEM

50x Microsoft Windows 11 / Home / Pro Professional 11 COA License Sticker OEM

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  • Windows 11 / Home & Pro
  • Windows 11 pro
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50x Microsoft Windows 11 / Home / Pro Professional 11 COA License Sticker OEM


Windows 11 Pro/Home Features

1. **Start Menu:** Windows 11 brought back the Start Menu, combining the traditional Start Menu with Live Tiles from Windows 8. This provided a more familiar and user-friendly interface.

2. **Cortana:** Microsoft's virtual assistant, Cortana, was integrated into Windows 11. Cortana could help with tasks, answer questions, and perform various functions through voice commands or typed queries.

3. **Microsoft Edge:** Windows 11 introduced the Microsoft Edge browser, designed to be faster and more efficient than its predecessor, Internet Explorer. Edge included features like Cortana integration and a reading mode.

4. **Task View and Virtual Desktops:** Windows 11 allowed users to create and manage multiple virtual desktops, providing a more organized way to handle different tasks and applications.

5. **Action Center:** The Action Center in Windows 11 consolidated notifications and quick settings in a single panel, making it easier for users to manage alerts and access system settings.

6. **Universal Apps:** Windows 11 introduced the concept of universal apps, which could run on various Windows 10 devices, including PCs, tablets, phones, and the Xbox One.

7. **Continuum:** This feature aimed to improve the user experience on 2-in-1 devices by automatically adjusting the interface based on whether a keyboard and mouse or a touch interface were being used.

8. **DirectX 12:** Windows 11 included support for DirectX 12, the latest version of Microsoft's graphics API, offering improved performance and graphics capabilities for gaming.

This sale  is for:

  • 30x Windows 11 Pro COA
  • 20x Windows 11 Home COA


System Requirements

  • CPU: 1GHz or faster 64-bit (x64) processor
  • RAM: 2GB for the 64-bit Version
  • HDD: 20GBs of free storage
  • CPU: WDDM 1.0 or higher driver with DirectX 9 or higher


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